What We Do

Displays PoshPop a Poshmark sharing closet tool bot. Shows it sharing a Poshmark closet.

Share Your Closet

With PoshPop, you can share your Poshmark closet to your followers or to parties. After loading your closet, set the time interval and click on the share to followers or share to party button.

Edit Share Your Closet

Edit sharing is a different type of sharing that some Poshers believe increases sales. Edit sharing is going into each listing, editing the listing, clicking next, and clicking list. This type of share not only shares to followers, but it also shares to parties. If social media accounts are connected, it also re-shares the listing to the connected social platforms.

Track Your Progress

Visually track how long until the extension is done with the task. While the extension is running, a task progress bar will appear at the top to display how far along the task is.

Follow Other Poshers

Easily follow other users. By following other users, you increase the attention and eyes being brought to your closet. Navigate to the followers tab, open PoshPop, and click follow or unfollow to begin.

Send Offers to Likers

Send offers to likers on every item in your closet with one click. Don’t miss out on potential buyers. Send them out every few days to watch the sales roll in.

Organize Your Closet

Use PoshPop to organize your closet. Simply drag and drop items before sharing to followers to secure the order. Easily group items together and make it easier for customers to shop.

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