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Your listings were meant to be seen. Drive more sales and get more views on your listings with PoshPop. Effortlessly share your items for free and ensure your listings are seen, driving more sales.

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Send automatic offers to likers precisely when potential buyers are actively shopping, capturing their attention and driving sales. Utilize bulk offers to effortlessly run sales in your closet and boost your numbers.

Optimize Your Closet for Sales

Maximize visibility for your listings and update your inventory efficiently with our Scan Closet tool. Know exactly which items need updating to boost their chances of selling.

What is PoshPop?

Unlock more sales with ease. Your Poshmark™ Virtual Assistant.

PoshPop is the ultimate Google Chrome Extension designed to elevate your selling experience. It automates tasks like sharing your listings, sending offers to potential buyers, and optimizing your closet for better sales. Simplify sharing, engage buyers effectively, and boost your sales—all from your Google Chrome browser.

Try PoshPop today to discover how automation can elevate your Poshmark™ strategy. Start automating, start selling.

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7-day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

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7-day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

Your Safety is
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unlike other tools.

PoshPop has built-in safety features to protect your account. If you reach the maximum share limit set by Poshmark™, PoshPop stops sharing to keep your account safe. We also avoid spamming and use delays to further prevent any issues.

Unlike other unsafe tools that require your Poshmark™ username and password, PoshPop operates securely within your Chrome browser without needing your login credentials.

Loved by Other Poshers

We could toot our horn, but customers do it for us.

Amy J.

Poshmark Ambassador
I enjoy how easy it is to use, me and my mom both sell on Poshmark so I introduced Poshpop to her. She instantly fell in love since every other extension was too hard for her to understand. thanks for making Poshmark 5 times easier.

Sarah A.

Poshmark Ambassador II
PoshPop has been a game-changer for my business! Since I started using it, my monthly earnings have skyrocketed from a hundred dollars to over $2,000 on a regular basis. PoshPop does all of my sharing, sending offers, and I love the closet estimator tool for product research. It really does do all of the sharing and following for me! You totally need this, it's a total game-changer!

Elizabeth G.

Poshmark Ambassador
SO SO appreciative of this extension! The response is so quick and friendly if any problems arise and they are genuine in trying to fix and help. As a reseller who sells on multiple platforms and doesn't have time to share over 1,000 listings on Poshmark, this extension is a LIFE SAVER! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! 🙂

Danny S.

Poshmark Seller
Just like how it's advertised. Works great.

Diane M.

Poshmark Ambassador
Ive been using Posh pop for a four days now and i'm loving it! I've made 3 sales so far. I'm not very active on the app and i'm not listing new items. I can not wait once I start listing new items and having the sales roll in!

Erin W.

Poshmark Seller
I work full time and run my own Poshmark business on the side... PoshPop has cut down my time spent on Poshmark massively - as well as helping me manage the stuff you have to do on Poshmark... Since using it, I have scaled my business by over 50%, with other projects going on too!

David M.

Poshmark Seller
I'm so glad u guys added the automatic offers feature. thats where tons of my sales come from. THANK U !

Frequently Asked Questions

PoshPop is your ultimate virtual assistant for Poshmark™. It’s a Google Chrome Extension that automates key tasks like sharing listings, sending offers to likers, and scanning your closet to highlight items that need refreshing. This helps boost your visibility and sales by ensuring your items stay active and get seen by more potential buyers.

PoshPop is a Google Chrome Extension, which functions like an app within your Chrome browser. It integrates seamlessly with Poshmark™ to help you manage and automate your tasks directly from your browser, without needing to install any additional software on your device.

We do not offer an app for safety reasons. Apps require access to your Poshmark™ username and password, which should never be shared with anyone. PoshPop operates securely within your Chrome browser without needing your login credentials.

To start your free trial, download PoshPop from the Google Chrome Web Store and sign up for an account. After signing up, verify your email address. Once verified, refresh the page to unlock your 7-day free trial, giving you full access to all PoshPop features and capabilities.

PoshPop makes selling easier by doing repetitive tasks for you. It keeps your listings at the top of search results with features like continuous or scheduled sharing.  Sending automatic offers to likers captures buyer’s attention while they’re still interested. All of our features have been built to help you increase your listings exposure.

PoshPop was made by fellow Poshers for Poshers like you, it’s designed to meet your selling needs perfectly. If you ever have a feature request, you can submit it here—we’re always listening to make PoshPop even better for you.

Yes, PoshPop offers a free version with basic sharing features. For advanced functionalities and to unlock the full potential of PoshPop, you can upgrade to our Standard plan for $14.99 per month.

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