Our Story

PoshPop was made by a top seller on Poshmark for other Poshers. 

My name is Sofia and I have been selling for almost 5 years on Poshmark. I started selling because I watched some other Poshers YouTube videos and thought I would give it a try! Years later, I have sold thousands of dollars worth of items. My sales keep growing every month and I am constantly working on growing my Poshmark business selling clothing.

After plateauing in my business, I decided to start sharing more than my once every few days. From my personal experience, this dramatically increased my sales. However, after only a few weeks, my wrist pain was terrible. I continued to try sharing my closet different ways (my laptop, my phone — both the app and Poshmark on Google Chrome, using a stylus, and on an iPad. I tried every single way I could think of but nothing was helping. I even bought a special gaming mouse hoping it would help with the pain.

That is when I learned about building an extension like PoshPop. At first, I totally felt like I was doing something illegal and that the police were going to show up at my door and arrest me (I wish I was kidding). After just one day, the relief I felt from not having my normal wrist pain was amazing. After months I decided that if I couldn’t use PoshPop, I would completely stop selling on Poshmark (again, not kidding). 

After many years of using Poshmark automation tools that are unsafe (totally act like a bot, not similar to a human at all), I am proud to provide PoshPop to the public. I have worked with my partner for many, many months to build and create our perfect PoshPop. We are only in the beginning and there are many more features and updates coming very soon. I am beyond excited to provide you the features you need to help change your business.

PoshPop has changed both my business and my life. I hope we help you change yours.

If you have ever need any help or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you!

Wishing you all the sales you could dream of,


PoshPop Founder